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To: Transport for London and Hackney Council

Remove the William Patten school bus stop

We, the parents of William Patten school, want TfL and Hackney Council to remove the ‘William Patten school’ bus stops on Stoke Newington Church St immediately. 500 buses stop outside the school every day, in school hours alone.

William Patten School is over the legal limit for pollution and options for reducing pollution at the school are limited, because it is on a main road.

According to the GLA's audit report of the school, 44% of the pollution at the school is caused by buses. Removing the bus stop is a simple, quick win for reducing pollution for the hundreds of pupils at this school, several of whom have heart and lung conditions.

Why is this important?

The removal of the bus stop is important for several reasons:

1. Pollution levels at the school are over the legal limit.

2. 44% of the pollution at the school comes from buses. And as much as 25% of pollution from buses travelling on their route is caused by them idling at bus stops. The potential for reducing pollution by removing the bus stop is therefore significant.

3. Children are especially vulnerable to the health impacts of air pollution, which include cardio-respiratory illnesses. This is because their immune systems and lungs are still developing.

3. A study has shown that children at school in high-pollution areas are slower to develop cognitively (i.e. their attentiveness, memory and brain development).

4. Removing the bus stop is one of the only ways to reduce the amount of toxic air our children are inhaling.

We want action now!

How it will be delivered

We will email the signatures to TfL, the GLA and Sadiq Kahn.

Stoke Newington, London

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