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To: Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA)

MP's spare bedrooms at taxpayers' expense

MP's spare bedrooms at taxpayers' expense

Please publish information which lists the number of bedrooms that MPs have in their London accommodation - paid for through their taxpayer-funded expenses.

Why is this important?

In the light of the current legislation which aims to claw money back from social housing tenants who are in receipt of housing benefit if their accommodation has 'too many' bedrooms - it might be interesting to discover how many MPs have claimed for housing that they 'under-occupy', and which of these MPs are in favour of the bedroom tax.

Reasons for signing

  • We must all tell these low life lying, theiving hypocrits that we will take no more of there EVIL ways.
  • The Spare Room Subsidy subsidises all the extra bedrooms of politicians, paid through taxpayer funded expenses. The taxpayer pays Bedroom Tax from Benefits, leaving poor without food money, who if all voted different in Spring 2014 big city council elections voting Trade Unionist and Socialist Against Cuts, this would be a massive message to government. Especially the 70% who never vote for any party and forget Plato's warning that when people turn their back on public affairs, evil men rule.
  • If "We're all in this together" why shouldn't well-off MPs suffer a "bedroom tax" like they have imposed on the poorer members of society?


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