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To: Prime Minister

Mr Cameron: Act now to stop caste discrimination !

Mr Cameron: Act now to stop caste discrimination !

We, the undersigned, petition the Government to implement the Caste Discrimination provisions of the Equality Act 2010 without delay.

Caste-based discrimination is a fact in the UK in 2013. This is three years after the Equality Act was passed in parliament to make the practice unlawful and bring in protection for victims.

But, the Government has not still said when the law will come into force instead setting out two more years of research, consultations and Parliamentary debate taking us past the date of the next General Election in 2015.

We believe that this is not only an unnecessary delay, that will lead to further suffering by victims of discrimination, but that it provides an opportunity to those who oppose caste equality to lobby for exemptions and even further delay.

A new timetable must be laid out that sees this legislation implemented with the urgency it deserves.

Why is this important?

Victims of Caste based discrimination deserve immediate legal protection to avoid continued suffering. The Government is proposing an unacceptable delay in bringing what is already law, into force.

Here are just some of the many hundreds of cases showing that caste-based discrimination is a fact in the UK in 2013.

- Mr G endured intimidating, hostile and degrading environment at the hands of so called Upper Castes at his work place. He was forced to resort to hunger strike action to draw attention of his employer to his plight.

- An elderly lady is not given attention in a care home in accordance with her care plan due to discriminatory actions of Upper Caste care administrator.

- Children in schools routinely face caste labelling and name-calling resulting in Bullying and harassment in Schools. A Pupil endured Caste bullying where he could not complete GCSE projects due to negativity and violence of those around him.

- A professional couple at a law firm endured caste based bullying, intimidation and harassment as a consequence of inter-caste marriage. Superiors at work did everything to dissuade them from marrying resulting in harassment, snide remarks and denial of pay hike and promotion, eventually culminating in his dismissal after several years in service and her resignation.

This discrimination is confirmed not only by the many victims but also by Government-commissioned independent research from the National Institute of Economic and Social Research (2010) and other sources (see http : //

We therefore demand the following:
1 The Government must act quickly to give effect to Parliament’s intention and to protect actual and potential victims of caste discrimination;
2 The Government must act immediately to set a new and prompt timetable for any further consultation;
3 Any consultation must start as soon as possible and must last no longer than 12 weeks; and
4 Any consultation must in any event end in sufficient time for the making of an Order under the terms of s.9(5) of the Equality Act 2010 by June 2014 at the latest.**

** petition still active due to government procrastination

Reasons for signing

  • Caste determines people's place in the world at birth. Like racism, this cannot be accepted and must be eliminated.
  • .stronger legislation and enforcement procedures need to be brought about so that more enforceable action can be taken against such imbeciles.
  • I had no idea about this problem until made aware of it here. This kind of discrimination is clearly wrong and should be recognised as such by the Government. It should not be allowed to happen in this country.


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