To: Midland Metro, Network West Midlands

Name a Midland Metro tram after Jeff Lynne

Name a Midland Metro tram after Jeff Lynne

The latest Midland Metro trams are great but lack one thing - personality.

While two have names so far wouldn't it be great if more could too?

Where better to start than with one of Birmingham's greatest talents - Jeff Lynne, co-founder of ELO, musical genius and all round nice bloke?

Why is this important?

I won't pretend that this will change the world or that it is anywhere near as worthy a cause as a great many.

It will however brighten sometimes rainy Midlands days, put a smile on people's faces and would be a nice way to say 'thank you' to Jeff for such great music and all he's achieved over the years.

It's a big birthday for Jeff this year, too, and what better gift to give!


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