To: Milton Keynes Council

New Skatepark in Milton Keynes

Either build a new skatepark/plaza. Or renovate older ones; such as the one in Broughton.

Why is this important?

Skateparks provide a safe designate environment for people both young and old to ride.
Further more they keep the youth away from open landscape architecture which then becomes damaged due to the lack of skateparks and skate spaces for them to use as it becomes the secondary place of use. To follow this it keeps the users of skateparks (bikers, roller bladers, kids on scooters) away from others places such as Costco and the Blum building where they use ledges and other areas such as underpasses as a unsafe way of practising based on the lack of space and early skatepark closing times.
Asides from the fact it benefits the users, it also benfits Milton Keynes as a whole, other than our large shopping centre which attracts thousands of people each day, lots of people visit MK for the skateparks and will travel to try them out for a day, e.g the BUSZY is actually a famous park across the country as a street spot, having these parks draw in a niche group of people who come to Mk for the day, spend there money in shops whilst they ride and then return in the future, we believe having these skateparks is one of the many desirable things that keep Milton Keynes a desired place to live for the youth as there's many places that don't have the luxury of the parks that we have, and then some others that are benefited with much more.
We as the community doing this petition would also ask that if this goes to plan and we are able to renovate one of these parks or build another, that we could get involved in the design, there are many of us that are good with this and some studying architectural courses and would love to get involved, as we believe we could create a more safe and fun environment for us to use. This would also then remove the problem that we currently have where particular members of the community try to create there own DIY parks within our skateparks.
We hope this is something you see valuable to the community as without these parks we are left with the streets which we believe is both a safety hazard for those riding, as well as a problem as it ruins so much of the beautiful architecture we have here in MK, so keeping, improving or even making new parks can resolve these issues.

Milton Keynes

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Reasons for signing

  • We need a new skate park because all the other ones are getting shut down because the are really old and not safe any more so the skater and getting kick out of spots and get fines and stuff pls build a new skate park
  • We need a new skatepark mk is made up of skateplazas and street sections but we need to have a lace for young kids to learn and for the more experienced to develop!
  • I skate at broughton skatepark I think people should either fix it up or make a skatepark/plaza as it is quite beaten up from the years this would make more people ride at the skatepark and it would gain a lot more popularity. Josh Cope


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