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To: Isle of Wight Council

No new oil drilling on the Isle of Wight

No new oil drilling on the Isle of Wight

Don’t let UKOG go ahead with their plans to drill for oil at the Arreton site in the Isle of Wight.

Why is this important?

The Isle of Wight cannot afford to have its freshwater drinking supply contaminated by proposed oil drilling. During the drilling process, high strength acids and chemicals are forced into the rock to get to the oil below our pure fresh water source.

Sites for oil drilling at Arreton have been finalised but are currently under negotiation. UKOG aim to submit a planning application by the end of Summer 2018. They have announced that drilling will go ahead in 2019 if their planning application to the council is successful.

Isle of Wight council should reject UKOG’s planning application when it comes through. Oil drilling would contribute to the destruction of the natural environment on the Isle of Wight, the quality of water and would increase the impact of climate change.

Isle of Wight

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Reasons for signing

  • do not want fracking on the IOW too high risk. renewable energy is the present and future right energy source for the island not fossil fuel
  • Imagine low oil. Now imagine low drinking water.Unlikely?The risk is still there.Machinery 'could' fail at some point.Our fresh water 'could' be contaminated.Decision makers, and investors must be able to live with the consequences; just as my children must.Soon, only the investors will need to decide.Government is proposing to allow oil drilling/fracking to come under 'permitted development'.This development would bypass elected councils.Google 'ffiow'.
  • The IoW not only has ample wind and water available for sustainable energy production, but the expertise that could be redirected from businesses that are currently struggling in this economic climate. Let's follow the example of other areas of outstanding natural beauty by embracing wind / water turbines and guarantee pollution free lives for the next generation. Take note IoW council when considering UKOG application - not in my name!


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