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No election until tory election expenses reports published

No election until tory election expenses reports published

We must have the results of the investigations into possible illegal actions by the Conservative party regarding expenses in the last election before this election is allowed to proceed.

Why is this important?

It is inconceivable that we have a new election while there are serious questions to be answered about the last one, which could have an effect on this government's majority, and the outcome of a new election. It is reported that there are twenty-nine Conservative party seats which are being investigated for exceeding spending limits, which could result in bye elections in those seats, and which therefore could remove the government's majority.

It is clearly absurd to have a government which might not be valid to call another election to justify their possibly invalid previous election. The public deserves to know what actually happened in the last election and it is likely that some, if not many, people would vote differently if they knew that the governing party had acted illegally in the last election.

We cannot have another election while the result of the previous one is still open to question, with the possible result that the government has no majority, no mandate and no authority to call another election.


Reasons for signing

  • That is why they called an election
  • I believe the Tory party to be corrupt from top to bottom
  • We need to have politicians we can trust that starts with integrity and honesty in all they do


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