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No Gasification Plant in Washington

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No Gasification Plant in Washington
No Gasification Plant in Washington

Stop the siting of a Gasification Plant Washington Tyne and Wear

Why is this important?

We the local residents are opposed to the plans for a gasification plant being built on our doorsteps.

The increase in traffic to feed the plant would greatly compound Washington's congested roads, additional concerns are the litter, pests & vermin, air quality, odours, noise, safety, health, and effect on the environment that this development would bring.

The plant could be disastrous both environmentally and economically for Washington. There are proven technologies, better than incineration which can also produce energy with significantly less pollution.

We, the residents of Washington do not want this imposed on our community. We, the local population, our families and our children would have to live with the consequences for many years to come.

This would not only effect the residential areas of Washington, it will also impact local business, schools and neighbouring areas of Sunderland.

Please sign the petition your support counts!

Washington, Tyne and Wear


Reasons for signing

  • I live in Barmston, less than 1/2 mile from the proposed plant, we have more than enough heavy traffic around this area, damaging the roads without the proposed 100 or so more vehicles which would going into the plant, if it was built.
  • We moved for better air quailty,a great area for the younger generation may now be ruined due to money makers that dont live in the proposed area. Dont let the big wigs force this on us.
  • impact on air quality, the potential fire risk, the proximity of the site to local houses, a failure to demonstrate a need for the plant, suggestions that it is an incinerator under a different name, and the impact of the chimney on the character of the area.


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