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To: The Rt Hon Patrick McLoughlin MP

No to another Crossing In Dartford Kent

No to another Crossing In Dartford Kent

Please seriously consider the consequences of driving additional vehicles into the Dartford and surrounding area, the current infrastructure is not able to cope with the Immediate traffic and creates a bottleneck and continual congestion. Secondly, Dartford has already been identified has having a high level of Carbon Pollution, above average, which accounts for many respiratory and associated health disorders including lung problems and asthma. We (as humans) are entitled to decent air quality, this is our right, we do not want an escalation of health disorders or regular smog, all because of this poorly thought out plan (A). Do not deprive us of having an opportunity to 'breath clearer air' by taking this plan and some of the overflowing traffic elsewhere.

Why is this important?

The Original Consultation Paper was not promoted out to the people in the locality broadly enough, as with recent Consultations for example Paramount Plans - a letter went to every household. Talking to local people who will be most affected by this decision, majority were unaware that a Consultation even took place. Removing the Toll booths may speed up the traffic and obviously continue to generate the relevant financial return but more traffic will be driven into this already over-congested area. If this decision relies solely on cost we know that Dartford will be the area as the infrastructure is there and this will save the Government millions. This is unfair and in a way inhumane to continue to over-pollute an area already polluted. I do not believe any research was conducted with regard to air quality.

Dartford District

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