To: Brent Council

No to extra uncapped 90000 people Event Days

No to extra uncapped 90000 people Event Days

We say NO to 22 uncapped Event Days of 90,000 people

We object to Brent Residents paying for any additional Police, Clean-Up and Enforcement.

We object to Impact for Brent Residents on our Emergency Services:
that Brent Police are not protected from being assigned to manage Premiership Football Supporters,
that their priority is to protect Brent Residents and Businesses

Assurance from Brent Council that we are not relegated to the lowest non league division.

We object to more uncapped 90,000 people Event Days

We object to being exploited by Wembley Stadium, Tottenham Hotspur Football Club and Brent Council who fail to recognise the full adverse impact on quality of life of local residents and Businesses
Planning application: 17/0368

We object to Brent Council's extremly poor track record in providing robust traffic management and logistics for the borough.

This, if approved, would result in local residents and businesses being stuck in perpetual gridlock on average 3hrs and 12 mins every 6.2 days.
That's on average 1/5 of our daytime.

Why is this important?

Case Study: Event Day at Wembley National Stadium where Tottenham Hotspur Football Club played.

There was proven irregularities towards the implementation of effective control of traffic leaving the stadium by appointed CSP personnel causing heavier flows of vehicles within the vicinity, causing increased pollution and lessening quality of life. Observed drinking, urinating and defecating on residential streets, not only within Wembley but broader location.

London Borough of Brent

Reasons for signing

  • The behaviour from the football crowds is horrendous
  • I can't cope with the level of anti social behavior during match days and lack of crowd control. Not to mention the poor traffic control.
  • Over excited fans can be inconsiderate and become verbally aggressive. Human Traffic nightmare both beginning and end of event. Enough dealing with what we have now, anymore would create a non resident zone. The two cannot work !!


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