To: Mr Graham Brady MP

No to fracking in Altrincham and Trafford!

No to fracking in Altrincham and Trafford!

Seventy-three per cent of the people of Greater Manchester are opposed to fracking. Please support your constituents and oppose all applications to explore and drill for shale gas in our borough!

Why is this important?

Much of this borough is semi rural. We do not want to see our green spaces industrialised with up to 8 wells per square mile.
Our roads are congested enough without the massive increase in heavy traffic these developments would cause.
Fracking can potentially lead to serious or widespread pollution of our water supplies. And there is the risk of air pollution too.
High-profile doctors, pharmacists and public health academics want fracking banned! We do not want these risks near our homes and schools!
It could reduce the value of our homes! We do not want to risk negative equity and losing the value of our hard work!
We already risk dangerous climate change by the burning of just a fraction of the fossil fuels that we have found! Just what is the point of destroying our environment just to look for more? If we stick to the goals to limit global warming to 2degrees, we will never be able to burn shale gas!


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Reasons for signing

  • Renewables ARE practical. They even turn profits! Surely, even Tories can understand that!?!?
  • Fracking in this country is unproved. Claims about it bringing the price of fuel down was debunked by the government from the start. Just create 1 site, prove it's safe & then look at other areas.


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