To: UK Parliament

On BREXIT remove the 20% VAT from e-literature

On BREXIT remove the 20% VAT from e-literature

Once the UK is not bound by EU legislation remove the 20% VAT on e-literature

Why is this important?

Ebooks and paid e-literature (electronic newspaper/magazine subscriptions) carry 20% VAT but paper books, newspapers and magazines are zero rated for VAT.
In the past we have been told that EU legislation prevents a 0% VAT rate and that e-literature is a 'service'.

After BREXIT the UK will set VAT rates on this.

Claiming e-formats are a service but paper is not is ridiculous since both formats require:
an author
an editor
Only paper requires tree felling, transport, manufacture, printing, storage, eventual disposal. Re-pulped books require de-inking & disposal of toxic waste.
E-literature does require digital delivery but we are charged VAT on the whole product rather than the digital delivery service alone. (This would be about 2 pence)

e-formats need little oil, produce little toxic waste & add almost nothing to carbon emissions.

The government should encourage e-formats by removing this bizarre VAT.

UK Parliament

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