To: Landowners in PEDL 164

Open letter & petition to local landowners

Open letter & petition to local landowners

We are appealing to all local landowners not to sell or lease any land to Aurora Energy Resources that may be used for unconventional oil and gas extraction in PEDL 164.

Why is this important?


In June/July 2016 a company known as Tesla Exploration International Limited carried out a 3D seismic survey on behalf of Aurora Energy Resources Limited, the holders of PEDLs (Petroleum Exploration and Development Licences) 164 and 261. The areas covered by these PEDLs are shown on the attached official maps issued by the Oil & Gas Authority, from which it will be noted that bordering on PEDL 164 is PEDL 262, also licensed to Aurora and PEDL 165 licensed to Cuadrilla.

On their website, Aurora state:
“The North West has a long history of oil & gas exploration and production stretching back over 70 years. Many local residents will remember the oil wells near Formby. The recent recognition by the British Geological Survey of the potential for significant gas resources in northern England provides an opportunity to open a new chapter in the hydrocarbon story of the region.”

and on their old website they said:
“The company’s largely contiguous, 100% licence holding, puts Aurora in a strong position to play a leading role in the further appraisal of what is widely expected to be Europe's first commercially developed shale gas province.”

In response to our enquiries Aurora’s MD Ian Roche has now advised:
“As previously indicated, Aurora expect to bring forward proposals for future exploration at some point in 2017. Prior to any planning application being submitted, we will hold a public information event about the proposed development, the feedback from which will inform our application.”

Therefore, their intention is clear that they plan to submit planning application(s) soon for exploratory drilling for shale gas (“fracking”) within their PEDLs.

Once land has been acquired, UK law allows drilling to take place without requiring the landowner’s consent. The Infrastructure Act 2015 removed the requirement for companies to obtain your permission to drill under your land/property at depths of 300 metres or more from the surface. In addition, mineral rights do not belong to landowners in UK, they belong to the State.

You will have seen in the press the events that are unfolding on the Fylde where Cuadrilla, holders of PEDL 165 (a much larger area directly to the north of PEDL 164). Despite legal challenges by the community against the Secretary of State’s decision to allow their appeal, Cuadrilla is continuing to construct a well-pad.

There is growing evidence and information available about the consequences for communities subjected to fracking in the USA and Australia and other countries. We have attached a list of internet links to news articles and peer-reviewed studies for your attention. You may also wish to read this article from the Guardian relating to a farmer in Shropshire:

You will note that Mr Hickson bitterly regrets signing an agreement to allow exploratory drilling on his land:
“I very much regret signing anything. I would never ever go into this kind of agreement again. As a farmer or landowner, you have the most to lose. I would say to anyone approached, please don’t let anyone drill on your land [to extract coal bed methane and gas by fracking shale].”

Before a planning application can be submitted, it will be necessary for Aurora (or any company that acquires Aurora’s interest in these PEDLs) to lease or buy land for their exploration. It is for this reason that we send this letter to you signed by groups of people who have done their own research and as a result of which they are totally opposed to fracking taking place anywhere, not just in Lancashire/Merseyside.

We ask for your kind consideration of this letter should you be approached by Aurora, or any company on their behalf, to acquire or lease your land.
Halsall Against Fracking
Frack Free Formby
Frack Free Burscough
Frack Free Southport
Frack Free Lancashire


Reasons for signing

  • The end of Fracking should be in this generation, Keep fossil fuels in the ground and use Renewables now.
  • Fossil fuel needs to stay in the ground for all sorts of reasons, a shift to renewables is urgently needed.
  • Fracking is poisoning our land


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