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To: Falmouth University, Dr Virginia Button Director of Falmouth School of Art and Professor Anne Carlisle Vice-Chancellor & CEO

Oppose Falmouth University closing the Contemporary Crafts Degree

Oppose Falmouth University closing the Contemporary Crafts Degree

We, the undersigned, ask Dr Virginia Button and Professor Anne Carlisle, to stop the closure of the Contemporary Crafts degree at Falmouth School of Art, Falmouth University Penryn.

Why is this important?

On 5th November 2014, Falmouth University announced the closure of their Contemporary Crafts degree. This degree, with historic roots in pottery & ceramics, is vital to the Cornish economy & creative culture. Let's not lose something with such personal, regional and national importance.
There has been a ceramics/crafts course attached to the Falmouth School of Art since 1976, when Tom Cross was appointed Principal and the School continued to develop its resources by improving its sculpture studios and creating a new studio for ceramic sculpture. Adding ceramics to Falmouth School of Art, founded in 1902. The links between ceramics and crafts at Falmouth School of art and the wider economy cannot be underestimated with ex graduates flourishing both county, country and internationally.
As we, as a society, increasingly lose the skills to make things and forget that not everyone wants to pursue academic studies, this is a course which applauds creativity and talent and maintains the nation’s skill bases. How can it be appropriate to close down one of the countries few excellent facilities? Again, a price has been placed on a course without considering the long term future of the individuals and future generations. How disappointing!
The Contemporary Craft course isn't just about learning and training in a skill, it is about pushing boundaries, discovering new processes, working with inspirational peers and lecturers, and most of all a chance to explore who you are as a maker.
We demand Falmouth School of Art reconsider this closure for the betterment of the school and the wider community.
The cultural enrichment of ceramics and craft courses to both Cornwall and the wider community and the contributions Falmouth School of Art graduates make to the cultural development of the county, cannot be measured by spreadsheet. Sometimes the right choice is not about money and we would hope that upon realising the support for these courses both county and country wide, the University and its Director, Vice-Chancellor & CEO, will reconsider severing the ties between the vibrant crafts community and the university.

as 38degrees petitions require a UK post code, if you are outside the UK and want to sign please send your name and comment to [email protected]

How it will be delivered

In person.

Reasons for signing

  • Would be such a shame to get rid of a hands on making degree. Traditional crafts are important to keep alive.
  • the arts are so important.
  • I am increasingly perplexed as to why we continue to undervalue the hand made in education. There is SO much to be learned by actual making alongside the digital design. Seems so obvious to me.


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All welcome at Tremough Fal Uni Campus for show of support today at 12.30. #FutureinMaking #SaveOurCrafts

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