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To: Rt Hon Chris Grayling MP

Oppose planned strategic rail freight interchange in rural Northamptonshire

Oppose planned strategic rail freight interchange in rural Northamptonshire

Decline planning permission for a massive strategic rail freight interchange inbetween Blisworth and Milton Malsor.

Why is this important?

The Developer Ashfield Land Ltd has categorised this development as a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project. The implication of this is that it by-passes the normal Northamptonshire planning application process and is determined directly by the Secretary of State who quite possibly has no knowledge of our local environment and might not even visit the affected villages before making his decision. Whilst South Northamptonshire Council are fundamentally against this development as it is contrary to their local plan, their power to reject it has effectively been taken away from them.

Blisworth and Milton Malsor Northamptonshire

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Reasons for signing

  • This 8,000,000 square feet of rural Northamptonshire in between two Conservation villages is being lost forever to a Rail Freight Interchange. Please google Stop Rail Central there website will explain. This is not in the right place and not at the right time.
  • That land is home to wildlife, and this business will lower house prices and cause traffic. Milton Malsor and Bliworth are beautiful, historic villages. Shame on the organisers!
  • It’s an abuse of power to categorise this private development to avoid local planning and democracy. We don’t need more lorries sleeping in lay-bys with noise, pollution and destruction of the countryside.


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There has been some confusion on how to donate to SRC


If you wish to donate to SRC please use the link below.

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Opposing a large company like Ashfield land is going to be a long and costly battle, If you would like to donate towards fighting this proposal then there are several ways you can donate, information on donations can be found on the SRC website donations page.

Thank you for all your support so far, lets keep the momentum going so please encourage all your friends to sign and share the petition and visit the SRC website to keep up to date with all developments.

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300 signatures in less than 24 hours !!!!
Its not just Blisworth and Milton Malsor that will be affected but all surrounding villages and areas so please share this petition on Facebook and Twitter as the more support we get the better.

For updates and more detailed information please visit our action groups website at:

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For more information and to get involved please visit our website

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