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Outlaw discrimination against single people

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Robin Oliver
Outlaw discrimination against single people

Incredibly, the Equality Act does not prohibit discrimination against an individual because she or he is single. Singles pay more for everything from car insurance to gym facilities. Hotels charge a single room supplement even though single rooms are often worse. Married couples benefit from the marriage tax allowance. It is wrong in principle that to discriminate against someone because they are married is illegal but to discriminate against someone because they are single is not.

Why is this important?

Without this, singles will be wide open to discrimination in employment, housing, credit facilities, leisure facilities etc.

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  • Hello, I've recently started the petition below, relating to this campaign. Please sign and share if you agree.
  • The whole thing is completely nonsensical and unfair. As a couple I would have somone else paying half the bills etc, yet I'd also get a "marriage" allowance. It's the single people thta need the extra financial help. And why is the council tax not reduced by at least 50% for a single inhabitant? One person is far less of a strain on council resources and other households are paying much less in comparison when we only get a 25% reduction. This is completely unjust. These inequalities must end.
  • I'm tired of being disadvantage, from paying single supplements to not having to buy multi packs at the supermarket. There are more and more single people, and there are so many organisations making a fortune out of us and nothing seems to be done about it


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