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To: David Cameron and Amber Rudd

Save Onshore Wind!

This campaign has now closed, it's being merged with the 1010 Blown Away petition, being handed own on 16/11/16

Maintain financial support for onshore wind so that it can be steadily phased out in a way that doesn't seriously harm the UK's onshore wind industry and the 30,000 jobs it supports.

Why is this important?

It is essential that we decarbonise the UK's electricity generation sector. Onshore wind has made a very significant contribution to delivering decarbonisation to date and had been moving towards a position of being independent of subsidies. Brutally cutting subsidies now will effectively destroy the onshore sector at a critical time in its development. This makes no environmental or economic sense, just as decarbonisation targets are about to be missed and we are approaching the Paris Climate Change Summit. The Government's own surveys show that onshore wind commands the support of over two thirds of those asked, far more than fracking. The Govt's destruction of the onshore wind sector will destroy invester confidence in UK renewables and will fly in the face of global moves to protect the climate.

How it will be delivered

Deliver to Number 10 Downing Street with as many supporters as can make it on the day.



2016-10-20 08:36:51 +0100

Dear Supporter
Climate change charity 10:10 are launching a new campaign called ‘Blown Away’, celebrating the wonders of onshore wind. They’ve set up a petition demanding that dirty fossil fuel electricity is not given more financial support than clean onshore wind power - and it needs your support.
A new poll shows that ¾ of the UK public support onshore wind. It's one of the cheapest forms of energy out there, it's quick to build, its low carbon and its perfect for a windy country like ours.
Despite this, the government have stripped onshore wind of financial support, even as they prepare to hand hundreds of millions to gas, coal and diesel generation this winter.
As you supported the campaign to reinstate subsidies for onshore wind, we thought you’d like to be the first know about this new, exciting campaign to take things to the next level.
Let's show government we won’t let them hang wind out to dry! Sign the petition and find out more now.

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Interesting and sensible analysis - read here:

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Scots like wind power!

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