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To: Scottish Government

Perfume in Hospitals and the Workplace

Perfume in Hospitals and the Workplace

TO have regulations in hospitals, offices and workplaces to stop wearing perfumed products among people already with compromised immune systems and illnesses such as M.C.S. and environmental illness made much worse by chemical smells around or near them... Also affected are asthma sufferers and other breathing and lung conditions... I would also like more people to read about the dangers in these products and not to be fooled by poor regulating.

Why is this important?

Its very important in hospitals as a patient is confined... Perfumes can cause damage to all with compromised immune systems and especially MCS Multiple Chemical Sensitivities sufferers.. This is an unrecognised illness by many, even doctors who dont know enough about this condition, but its on the increase and causes so many terrible symptoms. Asthma too is made worse by perfumed products.... perfumes cover cleaners too used in hospitals and it would be so easy for them to change to Bio products.. Offices and the workplace too should be perfume free, includiing shops ... People should be also made aware of what exactly is in cleaners, polishes, perfumes , air fresheners etc. and this is the governments that have to make a stand and do something.. Some countries are taking this seriously and have perfume bans now so why not Scotland.. Lead the way in the UK for a healthier place to live....Please support this.


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Reasons for signing

  • Perfumes can also be a trigger for migraine. It is also an intrusion into your personal space, you have little choice; similar to the dangers of secondary smoking.
  • Because there's been many a time when I've been overcome whilst waiting for hospital appointments. Hospitals need to be HEALTHY environments!
  • I have chemical and perfume sensitivity and hospital treatment either out-patient or in-patient is very difficult. If this happens in Scotland, I hope it will roll out across the rest of the UK.


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