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To: The Presiding Officer of The Scottish Parliament

Petition Against Attempts to Impose Restrictions on Calling Referenda

Petition Against Attempts to Impose Restrictions on Calling Referenda

We want the Presiding Officer to speak out in favour of the Sovereignty of the People of Scotland, and to reject all attempts at limiting that Sovereignty, such as seeking to force an undemocratic restriction on the ability of the people to decide on future referendums.

Why is this important?

There have been widespread complaints of irregular practices associated with the No side in the independence referendum.
But even if we accept the vote itself wasn't rigged, that still doesn't alter the fact,that the referendum certainly WAS.
Nobody can pretend the NO side won fair and square.
There can be no question of saying "Congratulalions old chap, well played".
The cheats played with every trick in a very dirty book.
The cheats won a cheats' win which won't last.
The blatant bias of the British State Broadcasting Corporation and practically all of the State-sponsored mass media rigged the referendum.
The blatant lies about "You'll lose your pension" , which continued to be repeated to frighten old age pensioners, long after such stories had been comprehensively demolished, rigged the referendum
The false promises of rapid and genuine Home Rule being delivered within a few months rigged the referendum.
Despite having the BSBC and all the mass media on their side, in the last week of the referendum campaign, in a complete panic, the NO side resorted to general-election-style politicians' promises which they can't possibly keep.
It is this blatant rigging described above that makes the "result" both dodgy and temporary.
They ran a general-election-style campaign, focusing on personalities and political parties.
They ran a general-election style campaign in making worthless politicians' promises.
Because the NO side ran that kind of campaign, of course the "result" won't last a "generation".
It is already coming apart.
It is in this context that Blair Moffat and others are seeking to impose an anti-democratic rule that this dodgy result has to be "respected" for 25 years.
That is an attack on free speech, when it's perfectly obvious the result isn't even much "respected" now, and that it will become less respected as the months and years pass.
Please sign this petition to The Presiding Officer of The Scottish Parliament, against the anti-democratic proposal put forward by Blair Moffat, and in favour of the sovereignty of the people of Scotland, who are the only authority qualified to decide when they want another referendum

Scotland, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • we should not go down the road of america let us be the unchained unicorn
  • Right thing!
  • Fed up with lies from people who don't care about us. Their only concern is our resources and money.


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