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To: Bristol City Council

Petition: Public parks for the public - Castle Park closure 2014

Petition: Public parks for the public - Castle Park closure 2014

Following the complete closure of Castle Park (Bristol UK) for the 3rd year running, we propose that public parks should never be fenced off in their entirety for commercial events.

Tens of thousands of people attending a music event can negatively affect local residents and will inevitably cause damage to this small park. Damage which takes time and money to repair, and that can ruin the enjoyment of the park for the general public for weeks to come.

A park should be available for general public use at all times and even more so during School or Bank Holidays.

We request that Bristol City Council only license commercial events to be held at more suitable venues and allow people access to public parks.

Why is this important?

Parks and green spaces have been shown to improve the wellbeing of local people and attract visitors from further afield.

According to Bristol City Council's Parks and Green Spaces Strategy the centre of Bristol is lacking in green space, so temporary park closures would further deplete this green space.

Parks are a Public Service owned and run by the council on behalf of the People of Bristol and should not be exploited as a way to generate revenue.

Bristol, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • Castle Park is for all who live and work in central Bristol. As a public space, it should not be used for profit (which is not spent on the park anyway) if this involves closing it to its proper users.
  • Public pedestrian and cycle routes should not be closed extensively to facilitate fee paying private events. Nor should public space be decimated as a result of a few thousand people's weekend fun....
  • It seems money talks, the rest walk. Castle park is my local park, I was furious at being excluded from it on a sunny Saturday evening because I wasn't a rich fake hippy. If you want a festival, have it in Ashton Court or the Downs where there's space - if the well-orf residents there will let you!


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