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To: Welsh Assembly

Support Palestinian rights, no complicity with illegal occupation

We call on the Welsh Government, in furtherance of its ethical procurement policy, not to issue contracts to companies providing goods and /or services to settlements on occupied Palestinian land. Such settlements are deemed illegal under international law and companies providing such goods and / or services can be construed as committing an act of grave misconduct under Regulation 23 of the Public contracts Regulations 2006.

Why is this important?

Companies guilty of such misconduct include G4S and Veolia. G4S provides services and equipment inside occupied territory to checkpoints and the Separation Wall (declared illegal by the International Court of Justice in 2004). Veolia and subsidiaries have provided transport systems inside occupied territory including a tramway linking settlements with Israel (declared illegal in April 2010 by the UN Human Rights Council [A/HRC/RES/13/7], the resolution being passed 44 to 1, with the UK, France and all EU members of the Council voting in favour.) Through its subsidiary TMM, Veolia has also been operating the Tovlan landfill site in the occupied Jordan Valley for many years, supporting Israel’s settlements in the West Bank by taking their refuse.)

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