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PIP Justice for Mental Health Sufferers

Acknowledge that anxiety and depression are as debilitating for sufferers as physical illnesses or disabilities and assess PIP claims more fairly for mental health issues.

Why is this important?

People changing from DLA to PIP are being robbed of their entitlement because they do not have a " cognitive impairment" or " physical" reason why they cannot understand what people say to them, or can't cook a meal , or can't walk 200 yards, or can't plan and execute a journey by themselves.


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Reasons for signing

  • I have autism and anxiety and learning difficulties as well as a wheelchair user and was rejected
  • The most vulnerable in British society should be protected and not bullied or victimized just because they are ill and or disabled. To the Tories, our lives do not matter and they couldn't care less how ill or disabled we are! This treatment of the disabled and most vulnerable in society is totally degrading, inhumane, and despicable!
  • I suffer from mental health issues and even though mental health is not a visible illness it is still just as serious as physical disabilities.


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