To: The Prime Minister ( Theresa May )

Please grant amnesty to illegal immigrants who are already in the UK

Please grant amnesty to illegal immigrants who are already in the UK

Please grant amnesty to legalise illegal immigrants already in the country ( UK ) to contribute their quota to the development of the new dependant United Kingdom and to tight border to control immigration as UK is no more in the EU.

Why is this important?

UK has voted out of the EU and needs all hands to contribute to the national development. If illegal immigrants who are already in the United Kingdom are granted amnesty, they will play a major roll in the development of the country.

An amnesty could yield an additional millions of Pound Sterling a year of Income Tax and National Insurance receipts. Granting an amnesty to the illegal immigrants who are already in the country will bring them out of the shadows and into the real economy and they can contribute to the tax system. In the process of granting an amnesty, they will pay fines so the legalisation will not be dependant on a taxpayers’ money and it will be self-sustained, and also to have a proper criminal checks.

The case of amnesty extends beyond economics. It is also a human thing to do. Regularising status to illegal immigrants avoid vulnerability exploitation and destitution as well as avoid creating a situation in which they are more likely to be pushed into the black economy. In extreme cases, illegal immigrants can slip into sexual exploitation and forced labour.

The Prime Minister, Theresa May said , the government she leads will be driven not by the interests of the privileged few but promised to give more control over everyone's life in the country. Illegal immigrants really want to take up jobs to support themselves, their families and the national development but they are unable to do so as their lives are restricted in a multicultural country where the whole world look up to due to resident permit. Please grant amnesty to these illegal immigrants who are already in the country to live a normal life and to contribute substantially to the national economy.


Reasons for signing

  • All human beings are equal before God irrespective of race, colour, gender etc.
  • cheikh abdou mbacke
  • God created all human beings in his image and likeness so we are all equal regetherness of colour,race and gender .God loves us all so we should also love ourselves.


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