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Positive Change for Goole

Positive Change for Goole

Investigate the decisions taken by East Riding of Yorkshire and Goole Town Councils on housing and industrial expansion, infrastructure and local services in the town of Goole and its catchment area, and produce binding recommendations on how to bring about significant positive change to benefit the citizens of the town and its catchment area.

Why is this important?

The citizens of Goole are being adversely affected by ad hoc decisions on housing development, industrial growth, etc., which are not matched by improvements in infrastructure and services to match increased demand. East Riding Council is remote, autocratic and neither engages with nor consults the local population about decisions in any meaningful way. The Town Council has a similar approach, but the two Councils have a very dysfunctional, adversarial, relationship which has a negative impact on the town's citizens. The town of Beverley has been burnished to a state of magnificence, and there is a feeling that this has been achieved by depriving Goole and other areas of necessary investment. Waiting lists for children's swimming lessons have become so long that the ERY Council has effectively taken away weekday swimming opportunities for adults with commitments during the day to put on swimming classes. The Portfolio holder at the Council, Cllr Richard Burton, who approved (if he didn't take) this arbitrary decision without consultation has overseen a completely new leisure centre in the town which he represents (Bridlington), when the existing one by any standards was not old. Waiting lists for all local services are growing longer and longer. Approval is frequently given for housing and business development (which are good things) without investing in services and infrastructure to meet new demands (which is bad for the citizens). The body responsible for coordinating the development of the town (the Goole Renaissance Partnership) has committed and hardworking staff, but no budget. We need an investigation into these circumstances, and binding recommendations on how to resolve the problems. Because ERYC and GTC do not listen, we need an external impartial body to investigate as a matter of great urgency

Goole, East Riding of Yorkshire

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