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To: Press Complaints Commission & Information Commissioners Office

'Innocent' yet already in print!

'Innocent' yet already in print!

Protect innocent members of the public against the almighty powers of the press - 'We are innocent until proven guilty'!

Force the press to respect people’s right to privacy by remaining anonymous when they are accused of crimes, before even having a say & exercising their right to a fair hearing. In cases where there is not a pressing public interest and when not yet convicted of any offence there is no need to allow the press to splash people’s names and personal details across their pages.

Far too often the names of innocent people are associated with crimes that they did not commit. This false association causes embarrassment, humiliation and potentially destroys lives.

Why is this important?

If you were accused of something terrible and degrading that you had not done, and your details together with these allegations appeared on the front page of your local newspaper, for example, then can you imagine the damage caused to you alone? You as a son or daughter, an employer or employee, parent, a sister or brother, a friend, minister, you as a celebrity,... let alone others too like your children, friends and family and associates.

Can you see how that would quite easily stain your life having a profound and long lasting impact that could not be erased!?

Yes, this regularly happens to innocent people like you and me before any opportunity to a fair hearing or trial and by mistake. The permanent damage based on alleged guilt is unfair and unjustified! It’s done just so that newspapers can have something to print, 'a juicy story', scare tactics or for greed.

Sign this petition to reduce the media's powers to invade your privacy, devastate and ruin lives by being able to print allegations with personal details.

I had not given it too much consideration until it happened to me and my family.

Anonymity is the only fair way for the innocent.

Reasons for signing

  • It is criminal to make people, their family and friends suffer weeks, months even years if proven innocent


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