To: Pets at Home

Prevent Pets at Home leaving single degus for sale

Prevent Pets at Home leaving single degus for sale

We ask Pets at Home to stop allowing single degus from being left behind

Why is this important?

Degus are social animals and need to live with company. They do better in groups they are familiar with as they can be difficult to introduce to other groups. Degus who live alone are at risk of depression even if they are lucky enough to receive lots of attention from humans.

In certain cases, it can be impossible to integrate a single degu into another group, and leaving a lone degu behind from its companions can mean a lifetime of loneliness. While there are adoption schemes, many lone degus who enter such schemes are degus that were left behind and who were not sold with their group companions.

We ask that Pets at Home ban their practice of allowing single degus to be left behind.


Reasons for signing

  • To help these lovely animals
  • I own 6 rescue Degus, they should never be sold as lone animals integration with others is often difficult and emotional for the animals, P@H are not experts on all the animals they sell and their requirements.
  • Degu owner. Know how important their families and colony are.


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