To: Jeremy Hunt

Prevent the Downgrading of Consultants

Make an official commitment to keeping the training criteria of consultants to current levels. To put on official record that consultant training times will not be shortened so that what is currently a junior doctor will be re-branded as a consultant in order to fulfill his pledge to have every patient overseen by a consultant.

Why is this important?

By making a 3rd yr specialist doctor a consultant, he will be putting medical clinicians under unreasonable duress to both perform above their skill level and be responsible for the care pathway of patients well in advance of their abilities.
Calling a 3rd yr doctor a consultant is a hideous mis-representation and will most likely have nothing but negative effects on the staff and healthcare organisations who will be required to work with the new system.


Reasons for signing

  • consultant after 8 years of active practising (not 2 or 3).