To: Theresa May

Publicly condemn Trump’s response to NFL protests

Publicly condemn Trump’s response to NFL protests

NFL players have continued the protest against police brutality and racial inequality in America. Trump’s response to these NFL athletes was to entirely ignore the intent of their protest, instead increasing racial division within America, and further stoking the flames of division by calling on the players to be fired, branding them unpatriotic and calling them “sons of a bitches” for exercising their constitutional right to protest. The Prime Minister has fallen short of directly denouncing Trump’s inflammatory and racist rhetoric. She MUST denounce Trump’s behaviour and ALL those who use the issue of race to divide.

Why is this important?

The NFL games are now broadcast weekly on the BBC. Protests also took place in the UK last week when the NFL players played at Wembley on September 24. With further games scheduled to be played at both Wembley and Twickenham this season, the opportunity for Theresa May to publicly condemn President Trump's racist comments is now. Failure to denounce dangerous and divisive rhetoric sends the poor message to UK citizens that it is acceptable to hold racist sentiments and marginalise minority groups.

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