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To: Lichfield District Council

Proposal for crossing person/pedestrian crossing on Wheel Lane, Lichfield

Proposal for crossing person/pedestrian crossing on Wheel Lane, Lichfield

We ask you to consider employing a crossing person, or installing a pedestrian crossing on Wheel Lane, just outside what was The Windmill pub to ensure safer crossing for pedestrians.

Why is this important?

We feel this is an important step to ensure optimum safety while crossing what can be a busy road. It is en route to shops and schools, and more recently a Post Office. From personal experience it can be a tricky road to cross at school run times and I believe having a crossing would make it significantly safer and easier to cross, particularly for children who are able to walk to school by themselves. Although it is a 20mph road, I have seen many motorists exceeding the limit and think a crossing would help slow traffic down. I have spoken to a few parents who agree it would work well. My husband tells me there used to be a crossing lady at this point when he was a child.

A pedestrian crossing was installed on Beacon Street where the Post Office used to be so I think a crossing on Wheel Lane would be well used by customers of the Post Office and shops also.

Lichfield, United Kingdom

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