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To: Borough Council of Kings Lynn & West Norfolk

Proposed Development of Ecological Corridor, Kings Lynn, Norfolk

Proposed Development of Ecological Corridor, Kings Lynn, Norfolk

Stop Industrial development of 19 new unit complex on Rollesby Road, Kings Lynn

Why is this important?

The woodland site that is being developed is:

Home to a variety of species including Bats, Heron, Woodpecker, Owls,
Muntjac (deer), Newts, Kingfishers and many more
Described by the Norfolk Wild Trust as an area of a habitat of principal
importance in the NERC Act
A priority habitat under the UK Biodiversity Action Plan.
Forms an ecological corridor
In Britain all bat species and their roosts are legally protected - the developers shouldn't be interfering with their habitat
Built on marine alluvium soil
Concerns that the old drainage systems will not cope
Will be approximately 9 metres from people's properties
The town already has multiple land and units of the same specification
available for rent or sale
Will destroy the natural noise and space buffer between a residential
area and an industrial estate
A former residents ashes have been scattered there, they are most
likely to be lost under the development
Community includes many elderly people, people with health conditions
& some housebound that rely on its visual & physical qualities
Will be lost for the next generation/eternally
Dramatically effect all residents house values & home insurance policies
Parking/congestion already at a premium
Damage to properties, many of which are more than 100 years old

Rollesby Road, King's Lynn, Norfolk

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Reasons for signing

  • Why, when there are plenty of empty units already. Leave nature alone and it will look after it self.
  • There are many others sites that can be developed, there is no need to destroy this sanctuary.
  • I grew up here as a kid, played in those woods most days. Fifty years my parents have lived there with this natural area backing onto their garden. What's the need now? I know there are still empty units on the estate. I still visit it's a natural resource that should be left for the wildlife and the residents.


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