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To: Gravesham Borough Council

Don't change Gravesham bin collection

Don't change Gravesham bin collection

Not change the schedule. Its been proposed to change to every 2 weeks, instead of every week. Including providing a "small" bin, and refusal to accept black sacks.

There needs to be a change in this proposal as the bins they will provide will barely take 2 black sacks worth of rubbish.

Why is this important?

Gravesham Borough Council want us, the residents, to take any excess to the tip ourselves. This is NOT what we pay our council tax for. This will be a requirement for ALL families, every single week. Some do not even have cars, what will happen to the rubbish then? There will be MORE rubbish on the streets, and an increase in rats and foxes attacking refuge. There needs to be a change, this has not been thought out well at all, and is nothing short of cutting corners to save cost.


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Reasons for signing

  • Too much rubbish bags being dumped on streets as results of new collection rules what happened to health n hygiene rules
  • Increase in council tax, reduction in public services and even worse an increase in councillors wages.
  • To reduce pollution, maggots, rats, untidy streets, bring back weekly collections.


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