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To: The NHS

Prostate testing for all men over 50 in the UK

Provide an annual prostate-specific antigen (PSA) blood test to all males over 50 to combat prostate cancer.

Why is this important?

Many men exhibit no signs of prostate cancer, but a simple blood test may identify this issue. Prostate cancer is a huge killer in the UK which needs early diagnosis and It is often missed by the NHS. Every 45 minutes a Man dies of prostate cancer... many go undiagnosed until it is too late.
PSA testing is currently only recommended if you have symptoms, but many men do not have any symptoms.
When mammograms were recommended for all women over 50 because breast cancer was a huge killer, I like many others, fought hard for this screening, I feel that it is now time for standard screening to be introduced for prostate cancer.

Years ago, we were told that mammograms were unreliable, but we now know they have saved millions of lives. Surely it is time for prostate cancer to be treated equitably and at minimal cost.

This is a simple blood test which could save lives... it is not foolproof but is better than the current uncaring approach.

Currently the NHS does not support this testing as they describe it as unreliable, however...

1. Every man I know who has had symptoms has been sent for a PSA test as the first stage diagnosis (why would the NHS use this if it does not work ?)

2. I know 5 people in my circle of close friends who have all had their Prostate Cancers picked up by PSA testing. Two had other symptoms, three had no symptoms at all, just a raised PSA level.

3. My doctor has been very supportive and has allowed me a PSA test - I know of 5 men locally (who attend another medical practise) who have had their request for a test denied this year.


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