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To: Boris Johnson and The UK Government

Protect all staff returning to work

The government’s official guidelines to protect people returning to work have been published. Thanks to pressure from unions, MPs, and more than 73,000 thousand of us the rules are stronger so more of us will be kept safe.

When the government’s draft guidelines were leaked last week, tens of thousands of us leapt into action to push for improvements, and the government listened. There is lots more to do, but this is a step in the right direction.

Make sure businesses protect employees by making risk assessments public, and put in strong enforcement measures to hold businesses to account

Why is this important?

The UK Government’s draft plans to reopen our workplaces safely after the lockdown are being criticised for not going far enough. The Government are planning to issue guidelines to employers, but more needs to be done. In particular:
1. Forcing business to make risk assessments of workplaces public
2. Properly holding businesses to account to protect staff

There isn’t long before the Government will set their plans in stone. Add your name to the petition now to ensure we can return to work confident that we will be kept safe.




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