To: Calderdale Council

Save Daisy Bank Woods

Save Daisy Bank Woods

We the people who use or value Clover Hill Walk, Halifax, West Yorkshire (The Cat Steps) call on Calderdale Council to urgently protect the woodland off Daisy Bank through to The Coppice, which is being destroyed as habitat and wildlife sanctuary by a programme of ongoing tree felling.

Why is this important?

We treasure its calm, shelter and value the essential amenity as we walk to and from town for work and leisure. The trees provide a wildlife corridor, for animals including bats, black foxes, tawny owls, woodpeckers and jays.  

Of particular concern is the preservation of existing trees before they can be fully protected as Local Greenspace by Calderdale's draft Local Plan. This woodland is next to the proposed English Heritage site, The Cat Steps and Skircoat Conservation area.  We would like its amenity and its wildlife to be protected for future generations. We believe this issue should be discussed holistically by the Council's Scrutiny Committee.

Calderdale, Halifax


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  • Not enough green spaces left


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