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To: All Local Authorities, Barnet Council

Protect Domestic Violence Survivors' Right to Housing

Great news! Barnet Council last week announced that it would change its proposed policy and ensure that domestic violence victims and survivors retained priority for housing. Read more here:

We the undersigned petition Barnet Council to drop their proposals to require victims and survivors of domestic violence from registering as homeless before offering rehousing.

We wish all local authorities to pledge that survivors of domestic violence will be placed in their highest priority band for rehousing.

Across the UK, local authorities are reviewing their housing allocations policies in order to manage pressure on waiting lists and demand for temporary accommodation.

It is vital that our housing policies at both a local and national level protect some of the most vulnerable groups in our society and communicate the right message about those who have survived domestic violence.

Why is this important?

Recently, one local authority, Barnet Council, has consulted on requiring survivors of domestic violence to register as homeless before rehousing them. This will have the effect of removing their priority status on the housing waiting list, dropping from Band 1 down to Band 2 or 3.

If these proposals are implemented, they will set a dangerous precedent for our society as well as the way we treat those who have survived domestic violence - who are often forced to choose between their safety and their own home. We should be looking to change the narrative about domestic violence - and that means recognising and taking steps to protect survivors' right to housing.


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