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To: Prime Minister Boris Jonson and Home Secretary, Priti Patel

Protect everyone during the coronavirus crisis

Scrap the “no recourse for public funds” visa condition during the covid-19 outbreak

Why is this important?

Thousands of people are in dire circumstances after being deprived of most public funds since the coronavirus outbreak because of strict visa restrictions.

Under current rules, people here on short term visas are subjected to the “no recourse to public funds” policy, meaning that they are prevented from accessing many benefits, such as Universal Credit. Councils are prevented from giving them certain help, including access to housing.

This harsh rule is leaving thousands of families really struggling to survive during the coronavirus pandemic.

We’re calling on the Home Secretary, the UK Work and Pensions Secretary and the government as a whole to scrap the “no recourse for public funds” status for migrants during Covid-19.


Reasons for signing

  • I am sick of being in a society where our leaders do not see inequality and injustice as unacceptable but fine if you can get away with it.
  • Its a practical measure to prevent unnecessary activity and reduce contact. This is especially important to have in place in the event of a second wave. Its also a Humane response to human suffering when people find them selves between a rock and a hard place with all the concerns fear and anxiety this induces.. I wish every one struggling at this time the best of luck and felicity !
  • This is a time for universal solidarity - all of us in the UK need support during this Covid 19 crisis


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