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To: City of Edinburgh Council

Protect George V Park

Listen to concerns about the proposed redevelopment of the RBS site on Dundas Street. Limit the height and scale of new buildings to protect George V park and surrounding streets.

Why is this important?

George V Park is the only public park in the New Town area. It is an oasis of greenness, nature and tranquility in the heart of the city.

Now RBS is selling its office on Dundas Street/Eyre Place for redevelopment into residential blocks and retail units.

On paper this is a good thing. More people should have the chance to live, work and play in our neighbourhood.

However in their current form the plans for the site are awful. Some of the proposed blocks are 8 stories tall, dwarfing anything else nearby. They will plunge George V Park and surrounding streets into the shade forever. A proposed access road will run dangerously close to where children play. Trees and green space will be lost. The original plans looked promising. But they've changed. For the worse.

George V Park isn't big. It isn't even especially beautiful. But it's a wonderful, unique space where people of all ages can relax, breathe and play. And it's all we've got. Over the years so much work has been done to nurture and protect this place. Don't let it be ruined for a short-term profit.

The Dundas Street site will, and should, be developed. But that must be balanced with the need to protect what makes the area worth living in in the first place. Recent development elsewhere in Edinburgh show just how badly things can go wrong. But they also show how effective people power can be. With your help we can make sure that this development is in the best interests of residents, both present and future.

Please sign our petition and help make sure that Edinburgh Council does not approve these plans in their current form.

Thank you.

You can find more information about the proposed development and material objections to the plans at the following links:

How it will be delivered

Signatures will be emailed. Written signatures will also be collected.

Canonmills, Edinburgh

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Reasons for signing

  • The current proposals would be grotesque over-development. Something half the size would be in keeping with the area. The site should be sensitively developed for the benefit of all local people.
  • We take our dog here everyday - it's been a wonderful place for her (and us) to socialize. I'm not against any development of the RBS site, I just hope the park and the service it provides to people and animals alike are considered and protected.
  • Local parks are an oasis for local communities that need to be protected from greedy developers.


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