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To: MP & Local council

Protect our community in Thornton Heath

Protect our community in Thornton Heath

Increase the amount of CCTV camera`s in suburban area`s (especially those that are more prone to having more gang related activity) & better lighting in poorly lit areas.

Why is this important?

Croydon Council secured a £2.8 million investment for Thornton Heath's regeneration scheme which should have extended to Green Lane also.

Too many young lives have been taken away due to violent, senseless crimes. More recently in the local area, Jermaine Goupall (age 15) was killed and his untimely death has shocked the neighbourhood.
The justice system has no foundation due to lack of evidence to support his murder enquiry.

We ask that:

1)There is a greater visible police presence in the local areas
2) permanent CCTV camera`s along Green lane, the parade & surrounding side streets

Thornton Heath, Selhurst, Norbury,South Norwood

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