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To: Kevin Stewart MSP, Scotland’s housing minister

Protect tenants during Coronavirus

1) Implement a pause on any and all evictions in both the private and social rented sector during the coronavirus pandemic
2) Grant all renters affected by coronavirus a ‘rent holiday’ and pause rent collections, including for those who are unable to work or need to self-isolate

Why is this important?

For renters, coronavirus is not only a major health concern - it’s a financial one too. People renting are some of the people most likely to be in the kind of precarious, low-paid work where taking time off to self-isolate is near impossible.

If we're serious about containing the spread of the virus, tenants need to know that they won't face destitution for doing the responsible thing. That has to mean stopping rent collections for anyone affected - both those who are unable to work or who need to self-isolate - and making sure nobody faces the threat of homelessness or having to find another home during this time.

If banks can grant home-owners ‘mortgage-holidays’, we need to see tenants given the same protections.
Scotland, UK

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