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To: Paul Wheelhouse MSP, Minister for Energy of the Scottish Government

Public Ownership of Scotland’s Energy

Dear Minister,

We demand that, in order the meet the huge new challenges of fuel poverty, energy security and climate change, the Scottish Government must reverse the injustices caused by privatisation (gas in 1986 and electricity in 1991) and return Scotland’s energy production and supply to Public Ownership.

Why is this important?

Privatised energy has failed citizens. For evidence please see:
Meanwhile, the Referendum on Independence has created an inspiring re-engagement in politics across Scotland and some brilliant ideas about what sort of society we should work together to create. Now that all the drama is finally over, it is essential we keep the pressure up and utilise the 'new powers' to make these ideas a reality.

New books such as 'Common Weal' (2014) and 'Yes: The Radical Case for Scottish Independence' (2014) both foreground the need for the Democratic Public Ownership of our essential services and infrastructure, in order to move towards a green economy and a more just society.

Therefore, this petition has been created alongside another to the Minister for Transport demanding the Public Ownership of Scotland’s Railway. Please sign both and share the links below to help spread the word:

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