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To: The Department of Work and Pensions and DEFRA

Publish The Report Minister

Despite writing a report on food banks in June 2013, the government were refusing to publish it. Then over 2000 38 Degrees members joined with NGOs and faith leaders to persuade ministers to change their mind. Relenting to the pressure, the government published their report in February.

Publish The Report Minister

Publish the official report into the growth of food banks, which was delivered to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs in June.

Why is this important?

Dear Minister,
Maria Eagle stated in The House of Commons Debate on Food Poverty on Wednesday 18th December 2013 that, "there is a very straightforward way for Ministers to clear up any doubt about the reasons for the increase in reliance on food aid: they can finally publish the official report into the growth of food banks, which was delivered to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs in June. That report has now been sat on by Ministers for six months, longer than it took to produce. In April, the then Minister of State at DEFRA, the hon. Member for Somerton and Frome (Mr Heath), said:

“The conclusions of this work will be available in the summer and published on the Government's website.”—[Official Report, 23 April 2013; Vol. 561, c. 821W.]

Now Ministers say the report is still being subjected to

“an appropriate review and quality assurance process.”—[Official Report, House of Lords, 26 November 2013; Vol. 749, c. 1293.]"

I demand that The Department of Work and Pensions and DEFRA release this report so that we can all see if the Government's report agrees with, or disputes claims from Voluntary Organizations and Churches; that one third of people referred to Food Banks are due to Social Security delays and cuts.

I would also like to remind you that people, working and unemployed, who are referred to Food Banks, can usually only be referred to them three times within a twelve month period, after that there is no help!

I would like to know from you, why this report has been subject to "review and quality assurance" for so long and when will it be released?

Reasons for signing

  • IDS won't release the report because he knows it will expose him as the incompetent & cold individuale he is, devoid of all compassion towards his fellow man as long as he is leeching of his wife, livingthe life of luxury, he doesn't give a damn how other people are coping.
  • Food Banks in 2014, it's a disgrace.
  • Because this government needs to know that in a democracy WE THE PEOPLE are the power , NOT them!


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