To: Leeds Local Council

Put an end to Homelessness NOW!

Put an end to Homelessness NOW!

We (Sweep Homeless off the Streets) want to stop homelessness and rough sleeping. The dangers and risks of sleeping rough can seriously impede someones physical and mental health. No one should be homeless in 2017, let's stop this!

Why is this important?

Homelessness is on the rise in the UK (Brown et al. 2016). Something needs to be done to stop this! People who do not have a permanent place to call home are being forced to sleep in temporary accommodation such as hostels or even worse, on the streets. Crisis the homeless charity reported that there were 4,134 people sleeping rough in 2016 on a single night in Autumn across England! Sign this petition to have our voices heard and make a change!!!!

Reasons for signing

  • Most people living on our streets are mentally ill and in desperate need of help
  • Worthy cause


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