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To: UK Government

Railway Matters (And Railways Matter)

Perhaps time to drop HS2 and spend railway money where it's most needed?

Why is this important?

A national need, highlighted by the resent desperate situation in Cornwall:

Also large areas of central of Wales and the English Midlands (not least Lutterworth and many towns and villages in Leicestershire along with those in many other counties in the Midlands and the North) were deprived of services when the Great Central and local lines were closed.

Beeching's "one route only from major city A to major city B" left thousands of towns and villages without rail access, also leaving many major towns in close geographic proximity without direct links.

Roundabout routes may be OK for freight and mail, but they simply are not efficient for commuters, especially at a time when pollution, energy needs and road maintenance costs all point towards the better, greener alternative; rail.

This is made all the more relevant by the need to reduce road traffic, and plan for a more environment-friendly future.


2016-08-21 12:56:19 +0100

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