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To: Charlie Elphicke - MP for Dover

Re-instate the A&E Department at Buckland Hospital, Dover

Re-instate the A&E Department at Buckland Hospital, Dover

Suppport and fight for the need to re-instate the A&E department at Dovers Buckland Hospital.

Why is this important?

This puts a strain on the already stretched A&E services not only in Kent but in the entire country. Our large elderly community have been the mainstay of this country over the decades, gave their time and their lives to serve this country and now, when they need help the most, it is embarrassingly unavailable.

Not everyone can get to the William Harvey in Ashford which is now our closest A&E department and the waiting times have increased exponentially, especially now with the closure of the Canterbury A&E. As time goes on the infrastructure is constantly changing to meet the needs of an ever increasing demand on traffic which in itself adds to the increased need for A&E to be a permanent feature in the town as it is one of the busiest ports in the world.

Dover, Kent

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Reasons for signing

  • A&E is essential to hospitals because it helps save people and without it we would be going to hospitals out of dover when it is more stress so keep A&E open in buckland hospital
  • We need to have an A&E Department in Dover as Ashford is too far in an emergency to go to!
  • It is madness not to have an A and E In a port town. Dover is spending millions on the port . with no hospital near . It is a mad world we live in .


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