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To: Planning Department, Cheshire West & Chester

Re-instatement of fence at Whitehall Hartford

Re-instatement of fence at Whitehall Hartford

Allow the re-instatement of the close boarded fence at Whitehall, along School Lane in Hartford. Either full height or reduced height, in addition to the wire mesh.

Why is this important?

The close board wooden fence, which we were forced to remove by the council, allowed us the privacy that we need as a family. It also provided a barrier from the noise of the very busy main road, School Lane. The building and gardens are no longer commercial offices. They are used as a family home, so we need the appropriate boundaries in place to stop trespassers and keep us safe. We believe that the fence was in keeping with the rest of village and did not adversely affect the setting of the listed building. The wire mesh alone is not sufficient and very ugly (see photo). It is not possible to plant behind it due to the large amount of tree roots.

How it will be delivered

Submit to the council with a new planning application.


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Reasons for signing

  • We live behind Whitehall and the road noise is significantly worse without the fence and it impacts on our privacy also.
  • This seems to be another example of a council wielding power just because it can. Let common sense prevail and give this family the privacy they deserve!
  • The fence looked smart and tidy and the family deserve to have their privacy


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