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To: The government

Re-nationalise Energy

Re-nationalise the UK energy sector and end fuel poverty

Why is this important?

Year after year gas and electricity prices have risen, to the point that millions of us can't afford to TURN THE HEAT ON, and thousands freeze to death every winter. Yet, the Big Six energy companies are so profitable that they pay billions of pounds in dividends to shareholders and millions of pounds in pay and bonuses to their executives. And no wonder they make so much money - in just over 8 years, from October 2004 until February 2013, my gas charges increased by a whopping 279.36%* and electricity charges by 69.89%.**

Poverty is destroying the lives of millions of people in the UK, and if the misery and deaths caused by fuel poverty are ever to be eliminated, energy must be affordable by all. This will never happen while our energy sector is in the hands of private profiteers. We must TURN THE HEAT ON Government to get rid of The Big Six and restore the UK energy sector to public ownership.

* from 1.439p to 4.02p per kWh ** from 7.328p to 12.45p per kWh

How it will be delivered

By email or in person with supporters.

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