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To: Barnet Council


This campaign was a success! Well done to everybody who took part and stood up for Friern Barnet Library. We did it!


We the residents, students and workers, are petitioning Barnet Council to RE-OPEN our local library. Friern Barnet Library in its present place and shape is an integral part of community life in the surrounding area.

We want a cheerful local library. This is a chance for Barnet Council to show they ARE listening to local residents and reverse the bad feeling caused by the closure of this lovely library.

Why is this important?

Barnet Council closed the library last April because of budget cuts, and are planning to sell it off.

The library has been a vital hub for the community since 1934 – providing everything from personal finance advice and pilates classes to computer access, as well as offering warmth for the elderly struggling with heating bills and a safe, quiet place for kids to do their homework.

Occupy London activists occupied the library in early September, and re-opened it for the community. Thanks to books and computers donated by local people it is now being run by community volunteers on a rota basis.

The occupation has the blessing of many residents who are delighted to see the locked doors of the library flung open once again. But Barnet Council have started eviction proceedings.

Help us to keep our library open. We need 7,000 signatures to trigger a debate by the council.

Friern Barnet Road, London, United Kingdom

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2018-05-24 12:18:55 +0100

Petition is successful with 4,083 signatures

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Petition is successful with 4,082 signatures

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Petition is successful with 4,079 signatures

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Petition is successful with 4055 signatures