To: Ms N Walters, HWGA School governors

Re-open the HWGA entrance on Handsworth Wood Road

Re-open the HWGA entrance on Handsworth Wood Road

Re-open the HWGA entrance on Handsworth Wood Road

Why is this important?

We would like you to reconsider the decision made in closing the school entrance gate based on Handsworth Wood Road and re-instate the caretaker at the start and end of the school day as in previous years.
The walking time to school has significantly increased with the closure of the Handsworth Wood Road entrance gate - a 10 minute walk has now become a 30 minute journey.
This has also resulted in increased congestion during peak hours on an already busy Church Lane as well as contributing to an increase in carbon footprint as even more parents drop and pick students to and from school.
Furthermore, since the school has a responsibility towards safeguarding its students - does this not include their journey to and from school? Especially at a time when parents are hugely concerned about grooming gangs and their often discreet operations targeting students near Girls' schools in Birmingham.
We do understand that the government has cut school budgets and currently balancing the school budget is an extremely challenging if not impossible task. But, as parents the safety of our daughters is paramount and we need assurance that the school journey is as accessible as possible.
We hope that this petition will help you to review your decision and allow your students to feel safer by providing an easier route to school as well as focus their energy on their schoolwork rather than their lengthy journey times.

How it will be delivered

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Handsworth Wood Girls' Academy

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Reasons for signing

  • Lengthily journey !
  • The journey involves crossing numerous busy road along with a hostile group of people living in multi occupied properties nearby which is dangerous for my daughter. The school clearly has not risk assessed or managed this correcrtly and not taken any of this into account.
  • The route is way quicker!! Closing it means increasing the walk time, making people lives more harder, Health and Safety for the children.


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