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To: Rt Hon Sajid Javid MP (Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills)

Reclassify children's fancy dress clothes from toys - to meet clothing standards

Reclassify children's fancy dress clothes from toys - to meet clothing standards

Please sign this petition to ask the Government to change the way they classify fancy dress clothes.

Why is this important?

Currently fancy dress costumes are classed as toys so are not necessarily fire proofed or fire retardant. The amount of children that are taken to hospital with burns due to fancy dress clothes is increasing. This can be stopped, simply by changing the classification from toys to clothes.

Currently fancy dress clothes are CE checked for flammability. But this check is only suitable for toys which burn a lot slower than fancy dress clothes. Fancy dress clothes should be in the same category as the flammability of children's night clothes. After all children WEAR the fancy dress clothes, they do not play with them.
"At the moment fancy dress costumes are not necessarily fire proofed or fire retardant. They are classified as toys, not clothes. Toy clothing, identified by the CE mark, is regulated however – including dressing up toys. Also, the flammability of children’s nightwear is regulated. All toys on the UK market are required to comply with the relevant flammability requirements. Toy manufacturers use materials that comply with the strict rules and carry out the necessary tests to demonstrate compliance"


Reasons for signing

  • It's an obscenity that dressing up clothes are not made as safe as regular clothes!
  • Nothing should ever impact the safety of my nephew. Every single child should be as safe as possible..
  • Where children are concerned we NEED to ensure they are safe on what should be a joyous occasion!


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