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Recognise Parental Alienation as child abuse in law

Recognise Parental Alienation as child abuse in law

Domestic abuse is currently defined in law as any act, be it sexual, racial, religious, financial, controlling, coercive or physical if it is damaging to another adult, it is a criminal offence and punishable in a magistrates or crown court. Despite psychologists the world over recognising parental alienation as child abuse, having damaging effects on children. British law does not recognise it.

Why is this important?

It is important that the law is changed for many reasons. Primarily to stop the pain and suffering of children, parents, grandparents and extended family members who do not see one another, a basic human right for anyone, at the hands of another. Children are human beings and are entitled to love all family members.


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  • Totally agree children should see all the family members...too many people use children as weapons and it is very unfair on them and the family members that miss them...relationships have to be rebuilt once they have been absent for periods of time....


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